Chocolate fountains have always been a must-have at weddings, Quinceañeras, sweet 16, debut parties, fundraisers, corporate events, birthday and anniversary parties, as well as just about any other social gathering or event. Dipping your favorite fruit or other goodies into the Chocolate Fountain (chocolate fondue) is not only delicious but entertaining as well. Get out those phones or cameras, or whatever is being used nowadays.

Budget Fountain Package

$299.00 for Chocolate Fountain – no attendant included.

Standard Fountain Package

$395.00 for Chocolate Fountain without dipping items

Full Service Package

$350.00 for Chocolate Fountain + $2.25 per guest

for a choice of (5) dipping items when ordering through Chocolate Fountain Decadence.

Chocolate Fountain Party Rental
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Fountain Toppings

Fountain Colors

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